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Dancers are the athletes of God - Albert Einstein

Vision – To help students discover and nurture their talent, thereby enabling them to achieve their dreams profoundly and professionally.

A passion and dream of Ms. Arti Kothari, the academy is a place where you can find all elements of performing arts from classical dance to western forms, from instrumental music to vocal music and theatre.

At Indrayu Academy of Performing arts, we believe that all of us have a hidden dream, passion and so much potential – creatively, academically, socially and much more – for now and for rest of our lives. We help you unlock that passion so that all of you can discover your hidden talent and turn your dreams into reality in an environment full of love, fun and values.



What happens when world class facilities meet amazingly talented and highly experienced instructors? It gives way to talent. We at Indrayu, offer flexible schedules as per the student’s requirement so that they have the option of learning at their own pace and there’s no pressure.

We offer much more than just fanning your talent, we offer a huge platform, live audience and all the means to help you succeed and unlock your passion.